Sorare Costs – different budgets for different needs

Basically, Sorare is free of charge, there are no fees. BUT the way Sorare works are so-called NFTs, i.e. virtual trading cards of which you also become the owner. That means you have to buy and own them in order to participate. In principle, there is the so-called “Casual League” where you can play with “commons cards”, but these basically have no value. You get these cards for free after registration and win them even if you don’t perform well in the casual leagues. So this league is not interesting for real managers and you have to ask yourself: how high are the costs to really win prizes? And we would like to get to the bottom of this question with this article:

Limited Leagues

The Limited cards are intended as a cheap way to get started. You can buy them for as little as 30 cents – but they are not the best players. Limited cards of world stars also cost four-digit amounts and one thing is clear: the competition is particularly stiff here and you really need 5 really good players who deliver a lot of points. That’s the only way you can win prize money.

It also doesn’t help much to switch to leagues outside of Champion Europe. This is the “top league”, so to speak, with the most valuable players from the Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga, Ligue 1 and Serie A. With “Challenger Europe” you have all the other leagues as well as Turkey and Russia. Players are generally cheaper here, but the competition is tough as well.

As a rule of thumb (which of course can change constantly) you should remember that you have to be among the top 10% of managers to get into the prize money at all.

The big problem in limited leagues is also the goalkeepers. Because here you need a good one who regularly scores points, otherwise you have no chance of winning prize money. And that really hurts. Some limited goalkeepers cost high three-digit or even four-digit sums.

Even if you do good scouting and get the one or other card for a good price:

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to field a limited team for less than €500 that will actually make it into the prize money on a regular basis. You can get very good field players for 50-80€, but the goalkeeper costs 150€ and more. Then you should always have a substitute and calculate with 6 players.

But of course Limited is the cheapest way to get started, especially if you have no intentions to win and just want to play.

Threshold Leagues

Sorare still has so-called Threshold Leagues with four Rare and one Common card. You don’t just have to reach certain rankings, you have to get a total of 205 or 250 points to get 0.01 or 0.02 ETH as prize money. In addition, of course, there are rare cards for which you usually need more points.

The big advantage is that the goalkeeper can be a free commons card. For this you will be deducted some points but a rare goalkeeper is practically priceless… Therefore there is no alternative.

The disadvantage is of course: you need 4 rare cards and they are expensive. At least they can be. If you just take regular and well known players who score 50 points on average and who are not 35 years old, it will be expensive. Then you have to calculate about 400-500 euros per player.

If you don’t have a budget for that, you have to be creative:

  • You are allowed to use all leagues in the world and can therefore also use rather “unpopular” leagues like Superlig, MLS or Asian leagues.
  • Try to buy players cheaply when they are in a slump or injured.
  • Go for unknown players with few fans but solid performance.

This way it is definitely possible to buy potentially very good players for 100€ that nobody really wants at the moment. Of course, not every player will become a regular player with 50 points – but depending on scouting and a bit of luck, 4 out of 5. This way, you can put together a solid team for 500-600€, which at least has a regular chance to get the Thresholds.

These were our recommendations for “Sorare on a budget and little costs” – everything else is definitely in another league. Super Rare and Unique cards are of course much more expensive. And even if there are fewer managers in these leagues, the initial investment blows up almost every budget.

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