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Sorare is without a doubt a complete success. However, the platform actually manages without a token at all. Sorare itself is a “normal company” that also raises venture capital, for example, in order to be able to grow. Of course, one thinks directly of a token of one’s own, something like SorareToken. However, this does not exist. Sorare is based on Ethereum as a currency, but can also be used with fiat currencies such as euros.

Invest in Sorare

With blockchain and crypto projects, it is common that a separate token is issued with which you can also participate in the growth and sometimes also have a say. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Sorare. In this sense, there is unfortunately no possibility for you to invest in Sorare – at least not passively as a shareholder.

You can still profit from Sorare without playing or knowing much about football. However, this is pure speculation and really only something you should do with money you can afford to lose. For this I would just buy “blue chips” as Sorare cards and/or a fairly wide selection of cheap talent. Players who are young and have the potential to become the next Messi or Mbappe. For this, however, you should at least know a little and know what to look for. Otherwise, there are now plenty of sports sites that recommend such players for you.

However, I can only repeat myself: This is not financial advice and a risky investment. However, high returns do not come without high risk. This must be clear to you. NFTs are completely new and in principle only worth as much as someone else wants to spend on them. At Sorare, however, NFTs still have an intrinsic value because you can win prize money with them. Unfortunately, the hurdles for these prizes are quite high. You won’t get in with 100€ and expect to win something.

What does the future of Sorare look like?

Let’s stick to the facts: NFTs are completely new and far from mainstream. Sorare basically has a monopoly because it has the licences of the football players and clubs, which only exist once. That’s why no one can simply copy the business model. New markets are constantly being opened up and, above all, appropriate marketing is carried out. And there are still quite a few here. Even in Germany, Sorare has not really arrived yet. Just as little in the USA. Then of course the question arises whether Sorare does not also offer other sports such as American football, basketball, handball, etc.. In short, the possibilities are almost unlimited and the more players/managers that end up on the platform, the greater the demand for cards and the prices increase accordingly. In theory. There is no guarantee for this, which is why Sorare is not a safe investment.

In short: You cannot buy shares or tokens from Sorare to passively participate in its success. It is best if you are actually enthusiastic about football and enjoy managing it.

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