Selling Sorare cards on the transfer market

One thing can be said in advance: the usability of Sorare is actually very simple and mostly self-explanatory. Nevertheless, selling is a sensitive topic and you must not mess up here. That’s why we’ll show you in this guide how to sell, what options you have and what you need to bear in mind.

Create an offer on the transfer market

You simply create an offer with a sum of X and the card is then for sale for 48 hours. If no buyer is found, the offer is withdrawn.

To create such an offer, simply go to “My cards” and select the player you want to sell.


Now click on “List my Card” and you will be asked at what price you want to sell the player.

IMPORTANT: If you have no idea how much your player is worth, go to Soraredata and see what the “Best Market Offer” is:

In this case it is 0.003 ETH which is also the average selling price of the last 3 days. This would then also be a “fair” value that you should demand. It makes little sense to ask for more, especially with players whose demand is limited. This is definitely the case with our young man from the Austrian Bundesliga. We will not find a buyer who will pay more than the Best Market Offer.

The Best Market Offer is the price of the cheapest card on the transfer market. Aside. When you participate in auctions, always look at the Best Market Offer. It doesn’t make sense to bid the Best Market Price or higher at an auction because you can buy the card at least as cheap on the transfer market. And on top of that, with manager sales you usually still have experience points that are partly taken over. Therefore, be careful with auctions.

It is also important to see how many best price offers there are. In our case, there are already two cards at 0.003:

If we now also ask for 0.003, it is quite possible that we will not sell the card at all within the 48 hours. Unless the player gains value somehow, e.g. because he performs well on the next match day. But more about that later.

The minimum price

At Sorare you can make an offer for every card on the transfer market. And you will soon notice: this can be very annoying. There are many managers who try their luck with ridiculously low offers. You can prevent this by defining a minimum price. If you don’t feel like negotiating, simply set the minimum price as high as the offer price. You can make the minimum price directly visible or hide it. However, it does not really matter. The most important function of the minimum price is to exclude dubious or too low offers. Therefore, you should always set a minimum price.

We now set it to the same amount with 0.003:

And also set the card at this amount:

Now you have to confirm the sale with your password.

It takes two minutes for the sale to become visible.

You should know that Soraredata actually runs almost in real time. This means that as soon as the card is posted, it is visible there for other managers.

Offers to swap

Now you will receive exchange offers again and again. 80% of the time you can ignore these offers, because most managers just try to sell you worthless cards in order to get your card for a cheap price.

95% of the time you get cards from players you don’t even know. So you usually have no idea how valuable they are.

The best reference point for a quick evaluation is Soraredata:

And here you should go by the average selling price of the last 3 days and again the Best Market Offer. If you are offered more than one card, you have to add up the values of the cards. But that alone is only half the battle. You will quickly see how far away the exchange offer is from the value of your card. Often you can already refuse at this point.

But if a manager makes you a good offer, you should take a closer look at the cards. From which season are they? How many experience points do they have? How popular is the player? How many cards are there on the transfer market and can you actually sell him at the best market price? And of course: can you use him for your leagues.

The best time to sell

There are two things to consider when it comes to timing:

How much time is left in the league?

The shorter the remaining time in the league, the lower the points a card can still be expected to earn and the lower the value. A good time to sell is usually just before the start of the season and after the start or winter breaks. A bad time to sell is always towards the end of the season, long winter breaks or during the season break. Here the demand is usually too low.

Here you can have a look at our guide to the respective seasons.

The next important point is the time before the match days, because this is when many managers strike again to complete or optimise their line-up. For example, if they see that a player in their line-up is not going to play, they might need a replacement at short notice.

But you also have to be aware that you can no longer use the player. Nevertheless, the chance of a sale is highest shortly before the announcement.

What happens if you sell a player during the match day?

Fortunately, nothing. Sorare has fixed registration times, which means that you must have registered a team by this time and the cards must be in your account. Everything that happens after that doesn’t matter. So if you sell a player on Saturday, but you have him in your line up, he will still play for you. The manager who bought him can only use him for the next matchday. So he is not used twice. In this respect, it’s a fair arrangement on Sorare’s part.

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