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Please note that this can change at any time and the content in this article may no longer be up to date. Also, Corona has changed the situation somewhat in some leagues (especially MLS). There is no guarantee that the following information is correct.

Now that we have cleared up the “legal” stuff, we can move on to the essential part of the article: From when to when do the respective leagues run at Sorare?

Sorare currently offers four different leagues:
Champion Europe, Challenger Europe, Asia and America.

Each of these leagues consists of national leagues. Currently, these are (still) the 1st leagues. However, it should not be too long before more leagues are added. Let’s take a closer look at the most important leagues.

From when to when does the Champion Europe League run at Sorare?

The following leagues are (currently) represented in the Champion Europe League: Premier League, Ligue 1, LaLiga, Serie A and Bundesliga.

To put it simply, from mid-August to mid-June. Depending on whether a World Cup or European Championship is coming up or a particularly popular World Cup is taking place at Christmas… There are also small differences in the respective leagues and so it is possible that a league like the Premier League or LaLiga has more match days and extends over a somewhat longer period.

It is important to know, however, that the prices of the players of these teams will be very high at the start of the season, i.e. around the end of July until the start of play, i.e. around the end of August. There are two simple reasons for this: Everyone wants to start with their ideal team and the old cards lose their 5% bonus. So new and more valuable cards will be given away – not a good time to make bargains. Of course, this also affects all the following leagues.

From when to when does the Challenger Europe League take place?

This includes: Portugal, Holland, Turkey, Belgium, Austria and Russia each with: Primeria Liga, Eredivisie, Süperlig, Jupiler Pro League, Austrian Bundesliga and Russian Premier League.

Basically, it’s very similar here in all the leagues, with the big exception of Russia. Because there is a very long winter break there.

The other leagues run from about the end of July to the beginning of April. So they start earlier than the Champion Europe leagues and end earlier. In Russia, play also starts around the end of July, but there is a winter break from mid-December. Play then resumes at the end of February and extends until the end of May. Fortunately for those who have Russian players on the bench, they can still score points at this time.

Seasons in Asia

Currently, only the J1 League and the K League 1, i.e. the Japanese and South Korean leagues, are in the programme. These have practically identical playing times from the end of February to the beginning of December.

From when to when does the America League play at Sorare?

It gets much more complex in America, and I recommend that anyone who plans to play there should take a close look at it. Because there are not only different seasons, but also different modes with sometimes two leagues per season, cups, etc. In addition, there is the peculiarity in MLS that the game plan has changed because of Covid and it is not yet certain how it will work in the future.

In Argentina there are two phases. One from mid-February to the beginning of June. And once from mid-July to the end of December.

It is similar in Mexico with the beginning of January to mid-May and the end of July to the beginning of November.

Brazil plays from mid-April to the end of December.

And the MLS in the future will probably be from mid-April to mid-December, or from early March to mid-December.

As you can see, it’s actually very complex and the four leagues only overlap every mid-April to mid-May and late July to early November.

Otherwise, you can assume that not all leagues always play at the same time. So you have to think carefully about how to put your team together and have plenty of players as back-ups or be prepared to buy and sell frequently.

Recommendation for season planning

The seasons have a big influence on your squad planning. This is particularly true in Challenger Europe, but especially in America. But not only that, you will also see big fluctuations in the prices of the cards. The longer a season runs, the more valuable the current cards are.

Towards the end of the season, ticket prices reach their lowest point. That’s logical, because you can’t collect any more points and in a few weeks the new cards will be issued with a 5% bonus. Then the prices rise accordingly.

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