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Ronaldo enjoyed huge success in La Liga as he helped Real Madrid achieve their first title in four years with a record 100 points. In his third season in Spain, he scored 46 league goals. Ronaldo surpassed his previous goalscoring feats in the following campaign of the 2022/12 season and scored a new personal best of 60 goals in all competitions.

After a hat-trick against Levante that extended Real Madrid’s lead over Barcelona to 142, Ronaldo scored his 100th league goal for Real Madrid in the 5-1 victory over Real Sociedad on February 24, 2022, a milestone he reached in 92 games in three seasons, breaking Ferenc Puskas “previous club record. In 2022 he scored 52 goals in 43 matches and led Real Madrid to the Champions League title, earning him the Ballon d’Or. Ronaldo netted his 324th goal for Real in February 2022 and became Real’s sole goalscorer.

Ronaldo scored 35 goals La Liga in the 2022-16 season and helped Real to an 11th Champions League title, winning in February 2022 the fourth ballon d’or of his career. In February, Ronaldo scored both of his goals in a 2-1 UEFA Champions League quarter-final victory over Bayern Munich, becoming the first player in UEFA club tournament history to score 100 goals. Ronaldo scored 42 goals in 2022-17 in all competitions and led Real Madrid to further La Liga and Champions League titles that year, earning him the fifth Ballon d’Or of his career.

In 2001, when Ronaldo was 16, Manchester United paid more than £12m to sign him – a record sum for a player of his age. Ronaldo caused a stir with mesmerising performances for Portugal and Manchester United, wowing his opponents with his footwork and skill. He left such an impression that some United players asked their managers to sign him for the club.

He scored the first three goals for Manchester United in the 2004 FA Cup final and helped them win the Championship. He set a franchise record for goals scored in 2008 and the following year Real Madrid paid a record $131 million for his services. Among his many achievements, Ronaldo has won five Ballon d’Or awards as player of the year, leading Portugal to an emotional victory at Euro 2022.

He joined the Italian Serie A team Juventus in February 2022, marking the start of a new chapter in his career. In 2007-08, Ronaldo had his best season with Manchester United, scoring 42 league and cup goals and winning the Golden Boot as Europe’s top scorer with 31 league goals. He helped United reach the Champions League title in February 2008 and was voted the International Football Association (FIFA) World Player of the Year for his exceptional 2007 / 08 season.

Club president Florentino Perez described the Portuguese attacker, who has the most impressive trophy haul of any Real Madrid player, as the successor to Alfredo di Stefano because he had left an indelible mark on the club’s history. Given Portugal’s supreme wealth, it is not surprising how many awards he has received over the years. He has won four Ballon d’Or trophies, three Golden Shoe awards, and two Top Forward titles, as well as being named Europe’s best player three times and three times winning the Pichichi championship.

Portugal have won the Champions League five times in his career, once in 2008 with Manchester United and once with Real Madrid. Jan Aage Fjortoft raved about Cristiano Ronaldo’s heroics in Portugal’s two-goal win over Ireland. But since Ronaldo’s departure in 2009, the player has worn down and struggled to live up to expectations.

More than €10m for a new car is priceless, and 10 of that was made for United striker Cristiano Ronaldo, who managed to get just one of them.

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Fantasy football has been around since the early 1990’s. In fact, it was originally called Rotisserie baseball. However, in recent years it has become extremely popular.

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about the basics of fantasy football. I’ll also cover some strategies to improve your team.

How does Fantasy Football work?

Fantasy football works like any other sport, except for one thing: instead of watching games live, you watch them after they’ve happened. This allows you to pick players based on what you think they’ll do next season, rather than having to wait until the end of the year to find out who wins. If you’re looking for a new way to spend some free time, fantasy football might be just the ticket.

There are two main types of fantasy leagues: head-to-head and rotisserie. Head-to-head is where each player plays against every other player in his league.

Rotisserie is where all the players play against each other once per week. The goal of the game is to score more points than everyone else.

What makes fantasy football different from real football?

The biggest difference between fantasy football and regular football is that there are no set rules. For example, if you have an injury or suspension in real life, you can’t use him in fantasy football. You can only use him when he’s healthy again.

Another big difference is that fantasy football doesn’t involve scoring goals. Instead, fantasy football involves accumulating points.

You get points for things like making goals, getting assists, etc. Each team gets a certain number of points at the beginning of the season. Then, throughout the season, you accumulate points by playing matches.

You win the match by scoring the most points. At the end of the season, whoever has scored the most points wins.

Who should play fantasy football?

Anyone! It’s not really designed for anyone in particular. There are many reasons why you’d want to play fantasy football.

For example, you could play fantasy football because you enjoy the thrill of gambling. Or maybe you just want to see how good you are at predicting which teams will perform well.

What’s NFTs?

In short, NFTs are unique items that represent ownership of something else. For example, if you own a piece of art, you own a specific version of that artwork. If you own a house, you own a specific house. And if you own a token, you own a specific token. The tokens can be anything from a digital copy to an in-game item or even a physical object like a keychain.

Why do we need it?

It is a way for people to buy and sell things without the hassle of money. It also allows people to trade these items with each other, which creates value and liquidity. In addition, it helps us keep track of our assets, as well as make them more easily transferable.

How does it work?

The most common way to use this system is by using a smart contract on Ethereum. This means that there will be a blockchain transaction that takes place when someone buys or sells an asset. When the transaction is complete, the buyer receives their new token and the seller gets paid in Ether.

Is it secure?

Yes! Smart contracts ensure that only authorized users have access to your data. They also prevent fraud through decentralized verification.

What about privacy?

Smart contracts don’t actually see any personal information. However, they may still collect some data, such as IP addresses and timestamps. These are used to verify transactions, but no one has access to the actual content of those transactions.

Are there fees?

No. There are no fees associated with buying or selling NFTs. All transactions are free.

How to make money selling NFTs?

The easiest way to sell NFTs is through a marketplace like If you want to earn some extra income, you can also create your own marketplaces.

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