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Who are the most valuable Olympique De Marseille NFTs 2022?

  • Boubacar Kamara
  • William Saliba
  • Mattéo Guendouzi
  • Cengiz Ünder
  • Gerson
  • Arkadiusz Milik

About Olympique De Marseille

Founded as a sports club originally focused on rugby, Olympique de Marseille won their first of 10 French Cup trophies in 1924 and their first French championship in the top division (known as Ligue 1) in the 1936-37 season. Known as the Sporting Club, US Phoceenne and Football Club de Marseille in its first five years after its founding, the club adopted the name Olympique de Marseille in 1899 to commemorate the anniversary of the founding of Marseille by the Phocaean Greeks around 25 centuries. with the name Olympique, derived from the ancient Olympic Games. Olympique de Marseille, also known as OM or simply Marseille, is a French professional football club based in Marseille.

However, this rivalry only emerged in the 1990s, when it was promoted by the respective owners of PSG – Canal +, the TV channel broadcasting Ligue 1 football matches – and Olympique de Marseile – by Bernard Tapi, also the owner of the sports club. Adidas for obvious marketing reasons.

Olympique de Marseille was founded as a sports club in 1892 by René Dufour de Montmirail, a French sports official. In 1904, Olympique de Marseille won the first Coastal Championship, in which opposing teams from Marseille and its suburbs participated, and took part in the final stages of the 11th French Championship. The Coupe de France in 1924 was the first major club title to be won against FC Sete, the team that dominated French football at the time.

In the beginning, rugby union was the most important team sport of the club, and the motto Droit au ma came from rugby. The club has a large fan base, regularly recording the highest average attendance in French football. Whichever equipment manufacturer the Olympique de Marseille wore, the blue and white colors have always been the same on all OM soccer jerseys, both short and long sleeved. French supplier Le Coq Sportif first appeared on OM T-shirts in 1969 and remained so until 1974 when adidas signed a contract with Olympique de Marseille.

The Marseille club has worn a white jersey at home since its inception. As a Ligue 1 team, Marseille will automatically advance to the 1/8 finals. Olympique de Marseille then returned to win in France with the French title in 2022 and 3 consecutive League Cup victories in 2022, 2022 and 2022. Outside of the Coupe de France, Marseille are third in Ligue 1 with an equal number of points with Good runners-up to 33 each.

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LOM also introduced the OM Collection Influence T-shirts, which became a hit with Marseille fans. In the Foot-store we offer you the opportunity to find all the clothes that Marseille players wear on the pitch during matches, as well as in the Commandery during training. It would be a shame to visit Marseille without going through the Orange Velodrome stadium, especially for football fans. We also invite you to find all the OM lifestyle products giving Marseille fans much more streetwear and sportswear.

There are four official OM boutiques in Marseille, the not-to-be-missed boutique museum is located in the Velodrome Stadium, and three other boutiques are located on the Rue Saint-Ferréol, Canebière and La Valentine.

Earlier this year, the Asian sports betting operator also expanded its partnership with Spanish league club Real Betis Balompie as part of a broader branding strategy. The OM logo went through various changes as the clubs grew, before becoming what we have known since 2004. Since then, OM has never stopped climbing the slope to reclaim its full glory today. Real Betis has had an established relationship with the bookmaker RB88 since February 2022, however, therefore RB88 has decided to focus its marketing efforts on the flagship brand JBO.

About NFTs

Blockchain technology allows for programmable digital scarcity. Digital scarcity can be mapped to physical scarcity. This means that we can make scarce things scarce by using blockchain technology. We can also use blockchain technology to create unique, limited objects. These objects can be used for many purposes but also have value because they’re rare.

NFTs are becoming more popular every day. They can be used for many things including collectibles, digital art, and even virtual pets. CryptoKitties was a game that caused congestion on the Ethereum network because people were buying up rare cats and trying to sell them for huge profits.

The NFT market is still in it’s infancy. There isn’t much out there yet. The only real way to invest in these tokens at this point would be to purchase crypto-collectibles or do an initial coin offering (ICO).

If you want to learn more about how ICOs work and what other ways to fund your startup there is an entire course dedicated to that called How To Fund Your Startup: Venture Capital, Crowdfunding & Bootstrapping.

How do NFTs work?

What if I told you that there was a decentralized protocol which allowed anyone to build anything? Imagine! And imagine creating something that could be built upon by anyone and any entity in the world? That’s what makes the idea of non-fungible tokens so exciting.

You see, when you buy a piece of digital art from someone else, you don’t own that specific artwork anymore. You now own a claim on that artwork. It doesn’t matter who owns the actual artwork, you own a claim on it.

This is where NFTs come into play. An artist creates a token that represents their digital asset. When the artist sells the token, the buyer gets a right to use the digital asset represented by the token. In this sense, the buyer becomes the new owner of the digital asset.

This concept is very similar to how stocks work. Stocks represent ownership claims over companies. If I bought Apple stock, I would own a claim on all of Apple’s future earnings. So, if Apple goes bankrupt, I lose my claim over those earnings. But I still own shares of Apple.

So, with NFTs, when you buy an item, you get a claim on that item. When the creator sells the item, you get the right to use the item.

So, let’s say I wanted to create a digital painting. I’d create a token representing my digital painting. Then, I’d put the digital painting inside of a smart contract. Once the smart contract is closed, no one else will be able to access the digital painting until it’s sold again.

Now, here comes the cool part. Anyone can open up the smart contract and view the digital painting. However, once the smart contract closes, only the person who purchased the digital painting will be able to access it. Everyone else will just be viewing a copy of the digital painting.

Why would someone want to buy a digital painting? Well, they might want to display it on their wall as a decoration. Or maybe they want to give it away as a gift. Either way, they’ll need to pay for the digital painting using some type of currency.

Once the transaction is complete, the seller sends the digital painting to the buyer. Now, the buyer has a unique claim on the digital painting. They’re the only one who can access it.

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