Sorare University – Sorare Scouting, Strategies & How To’s

Sorare is not just hype. Sorare will be the only provider of football NFTs combined with a fantasy management function. Why? Simply because Sorare has managed to secure the rights to (soon) all players and clubs. There is hardly a big name that cannot be found on Sorare. And Sorare combines all this with a fantasy function that is certainly the best on the market today. Here you play with thousands of other managers for attractive prize money. You can win at least one card every game day, but also “cash prizes” like Ethereum.

Although Sorare gives away a lot of money, it has become stiff competition. That means that you first have to be able to assert yourself against all the other managers. And of course that won’t get any easier, because Sorare’s lucrative early days are already over.

But that doesn’t mean it’s no longer possible to play and trade profitably. On the contrary: scouting, smart purchases, the right choice of leagues and clever line-ups still pay off very well. Some people can now easily live off Sorare and earn the equivalent of four-digit euros every week.

Of course, you also have to put some money in your hand. The days when you could get cheap Sorare cards are definitely over. Of course, it depends on which leagues and competitions you want to play in. Entry into a limited league is still possible with a few hundred euros. For some other leagues, however, you have to invest several thousand euros to be able to keep up.

Therefore, our Sorare University deals with various topics to increase your chances of success. We show you how to get good cards at a low price, how to avoid playing the wrong players, how to decide in which league you play, when your players score points and when they don’t, and so on. The Sorare universe is big and we are just starting to explore it. Join us and click through to our Sorare University.

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