Make money with Sorare?

Sorare already has the first hype behind it. Now it is time to ask yourself where the journey is going in the future and whether you can expect Sorare to establish itself. Because this is exactly the question you should ask yourself first if you are thinking about investing money in Sorare or if you intend to at least achieve an increase in value with your cards.

Because one thing is clear: the whole Sorare ecosystem lives from the fact that the profits remain attractive and that there is enough incentive to participate. Why is that? Simply because no one wants to invest a lot of money in cards with which they can’t win anything just in the hope of selling them at a high price later on. Because then you might as well just play Comunio, or something similar and buy a few Panini trading cards. So Sorare has a great interest in keeping a balance here to remain attractive for new and existing players. This is the only way Sorare can release thousands of new cards every season and charge managers thousands of euros.

To keep the Sorare ecosystem going, Sorare is forced to make prize money attractive!

This already speaks for why it will most likely always be possible to earn money with Sorare. However, there is no guarantee that this will still be as easy and attractive as it was in the beginning.

Let’s come to a point that speaks against it: There are not an infinite number of leagues, not an infinite number of clubs and also not an infinite number of football fans. Currently, Sorare is growing rapidly and will probably have signed pretty much every club and even minor leagues by 2023. With this growth, however, comes the pressure to keep attracting new managers. What we saw at the beginning of 2021 were early movers who were rewarded for being able to buy their cards cheaply. In 2022 we will see extreme growth with Sorare for two reasons: Sorare is unique and cannot be duplicated. Just think of Fifa. PES and other games can be as good as they are, in the end the one with the licence wins. And here there will be no alternatives besides Sorare. NFTs can be seen as new digital assets that are still completely in their infancy. Similar to cryptocurrencies in the early days. No big investor dared to take them on and smiled at them. But NFTs will have a similar fate: at some point, institutional investors will understand what’s behind them and a lot of money will flow into the market. Facebook is already showing the way with Metaverse.

But: Sorare issues new cards every season. Old cards lose value. At some point, there will be thousands of cards per player, especially limited cards. It is questionable whether there will ever be so much demand.

At some point the growth will come to an end and old cards can no longer be sold with increases in value.

Granted, we are still a few years away from that point, but one should not be so naive as to think that a Super Rare Robert Lewandowski of the 20/21 season will increase in value exponentially.

An important point in favour of making money with Sorare over the next few years is the following: Sorare can be extremely creative when it comes to designing and creating leagues. Theoretically, a wide variety of leagues can be created. Leagues that are relatively large today can be concentrated even further, e.g. into a pure “Bundesliga” in which only players from the Bundesliga are allowed. Or later on, pure amateur leagues, Over 30 teams, etc. There are no limits to the imagination here. Sorare can also adjust the payouts at any time and does so on an ongoing basis. If it becomes apparent that 10,000 teams are registered in a league but only 400 are paid, the division can be made more attractive again at any time. Further “threshold leagues” can be introduced, etc.

Another point in favour of earning money with Sorare: if you have a clue and want to invest the energy, it’s basically just a matter of investing to succeed. Because many managers just jump on the bandwagon and “have a look”. They buy a few players here and there, sign up for different leagues, and so on. But then they are sometimes careless, they don’t inform themselves well enough about the form of their players, they don’t think about the line-up, they simply forget to register a team, etc. In short:

There are many ways in which you can be better than the majority of managers with the right effort.

However, it would be naive to think that you only have to deal with idiots 🙂 There are a lot of good managers on Sorare. Some of them started early in 2021 and had the advantage of buying cards cheaply. If you start now, you sometimes have to invest several thousand euros, e.g. to set up a good rare team or to be able to compete in more than one league. In this respect, this entry must of course be well considered.

You should ask yourself the following question:

What competitive advantage do I have over 95% of the other managers?

You don’t have to be a perfect manager to earn money at Sorare in the long run. But you should at least aim to beat the majority by either having better management or getting your cards more economically. Ideally you can do both.

This means, for example, that you choose the right league that best fits your resources. If you have only 1000 € budget you will not be able to win anything in a rare league. The mistake most managers make is that they overestimate themselves and play in a league they cannot keep up with. For example, if a valuable player like a goalkeeper drops out and there is no budget to find an equivalent replacement.

Many managers play too much according to sympathy. That is, they tend to choose leagues that they like rather than playing in MLS or Asia, for example. Their line-ups or scouting is then also based more on sympathies than on facts.

In scouting itself and the selection of cards, there are also many sources of error. Scouting can be very intensive and good managers really use all the sources at their disposal. In some cases the same resources as real scouts from professional teams such as Scoutpad. So they use much more than just Soraredata, follow the exact injury history of players and news that allow statements about form curves. Bottom line, you can do a lot here.

And ultimately, it’s about buying cards. The entry point for most players is auctions and here many feel they can get a bargain. But if you look at the market prices realistically (at least in June 2024), you will notice that such bargains are rather rare. Often you pay far too high a premium in auctions.

Manager’s buys don’t have to be better either and 80% of the offers are pure fantasy prices according to the motto “some idiot will buy eventually”. Theoretically, as a cardholder you can set any price. That means many of the offers are way too high. Always use a good source like Soraredata to estimate realistic prices and never go by the manager’s prices. Put yourself in the position: if you have a card for sale but don’t need to sell urgently, would you be more likely to overcharge or undercharge? Exactly.

Conclusion: Can you make money with Sorare?

We hope this article has shed some light on the subject. It makes no sense to calculate the profitability of the leagues because it changes practically every week – in every respect. Prize money changes, prize structures change and, of course, the number of registered teams changes. And above all the prices for cards.

But the fact is: Sorare can still be profitable. However, this is pretty much only true for managers who like to spend time with it and are actually interested in it. There are no easy recipes (anymore) to be successful. NFTs will not increase exponentially in value and you need to know how to make the cards work for you. Otherwise you are more likely to lose money sooner or later.

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