Sorare Strategies 2022 – How can you actually make money with Sorare?

Sorare has found an extremely lucrative business model and manages to combine two worlds: Fantasy Football and NFTs. This basically gives you two ways to earn money. You can either win prize money through the Fantasy Football feature, and/or trade NFTs. NFTs were the hot topic in 2021 and tens of millions were paid for simple JPG images. This is not yet the case with Sorare NFTs, but the trend is of course steadily going up.

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So you have two possibilities to earn money with Sorare or you can combine both. One does not exclude the other and even if you only want to trade NFTs, you can try to win prize money at the same time. However, there is one problem that you need to realise:

Some managers have been with Sorare from the beginning. This means that back then they could buy really valuable cards for quite little money. Back then it was also the case that today’s Rare cards were the entry-level cards, i.e. comparable to today’s Limited cards. Imagine you could buy a rare card of a regular player for just a few euros back then – crazy, isn’t it? Today’s prices are completely different. That means you’re competing with managers who already have very good cards and regularly clear their prize money.

But that shouldn’t stop you from starting with Sorare. On the contrary: we are still at the very beginning of the development. Just imagine what will happen when Sorare really takes off in Germany, the USA, South America and Asia. There are still so many untapped markets and the concept is so ingenious that it will work everywhere. It is also not impossible that Sorare will introduce another card category that is even cheaper than Limited. Then today’s Limited cards will become tomorrow’s Rare cards. This is actually necessary if Sorare wants to be attractive for budgets below 100€. Because these are of course already very large sums for a football fan from Brazil or the Philippines.

But let’s now move on to the most proven Sorare strategies that will still work in 2022:

Strategy #1: Threshold Leagues

This is still an option: In the Global All Stars Division you can win so-called Thresholds with four Rare cards and one Commons card. You “only” have to reach 205 or 250 points on a game day and get 0.01 or 0.02 ETH respectively – no matter how many managers participate or what your competitors do.

It’s not quite sure how long this league will be around, but it’s definitely very attractive. You use your commons goalkeeper that you received when you registered. Because this would be far too expensive to buy as a rare card. You can’t get one for less than 1000€ at the moment. Then you “only” need four field players who regularly score points and are practically regular players. Because in order to reach over 200 points, the players should already be able to score 40 points. And they should be able to do that at the same time. If one of them drops out and does not play, it is difficult to compensate.

So it’s always a bit of a risk and you actually need at least one more substitution player. You should also make sure that the players play in the same league – or at least very similar. It’s no use having two players from Europe and three from the MLS if the breaks overlap.

So the three most important tips for the Threshold strategy are:

  • Make sure you have a good commons goalkeeper (that’s why it’s always worth playing in the casual league so that you always have one who plays and scores well).
  • Make sure that the leagues’ schedules overlap and that all players play at the same time.
  • Your players have to score consistently and play practically every game day. Only then the 40 points goal is realistic

If we look at these three conditions, we realise that this is not quite as easy as it looks at first. Especially if you scout for players, you will always find rare cards with e.g. 40 points as L5. Sorare does this quite cleverly and always makes players look better than they actually are. But if you look closely, e.g. at Soraredata, you quickly notice that the player is possibly DNP more often, or only performs inconsistently. Or plays in a league that is currently on break.

That means: don’t let yourself be tempted and do your homework conscientiously. Otherwise you will invest several hundred euros in a team that actually has no chance of winning the Thresholds.

So your task is:
How do you find players who fulfil the above conditions and are affordable?

There are different approaches to this, which you can also combine with each other.

Players are cheap when they are in a crisis or injured. They are also cheaper if they are no guaranteed starters. And they are especially cheap during the break and weeks before the start of the season.

Your task is to find players who are only in a crisis for a short time and will soon recover. Players who are guaranteed to come through the injury and soon be back at 100%. Players who will play regularly again in the near future. And players who have possibly gained experience points and can score well even without a 5% bonus.

The latter means that you buy a card that has always been used well by the manager so that you soon reach level 10 with the player. Because that compensates for the missing 5% you get for the current season card. When buying a card of the running season, make sure that the player has a high level. This is all the more important as the start of the coming season approaches.

For all other points you have to do your own research, e.g. with the Sorare tools we have presented here.

Strategy #2: Matchdays without competition

Yes, there is such a thing. However, these are special cases that do not always occur. The strategy is the following: you specifically look for international breaks, cup matches, etc.. – Everything outside the “normal” league schedule. Because these are often very lucrative opportunities.

This looks like this, for example:
In the Rare League of America there are international matches of few national teams during the week. However, many of the players who play for Brazil in the national team, for example, play in Europe and not in the domestic league. Only very few players from the Brazilian league, for example, are also national team players. And it is precisely these players who can bring you points, while the other managers go away empty-handed. Because most managers have players from the domestic leagues who are not part of the national squad and don’t get any points on such a match day.

The result is that you can get enough points with just one player, for example, to get into the prize money ranks. Pretty ingenious, isn’t it?

The strategy would then look like this:
You basically play according to strategy 1 in the All Star Division and try to achieve Thresholds. On an exceptional match day, you look at which players are likely to play for their respective national teams. In this case, you can only buy a player for one match day. You then use this player with your existing team and speculate on getting into the prize money. Afterwards you can sell both again. Even the most worthless rare cards should bring you 30€+. So it’s worth it all the time.

Strategy #3: Buy low sell high

With this strategy you concentrate on so-called “flipping”. You buy cheap players to sell them at a high price. Your primary goal is to make a profit through this and not through prize money. Of course, you can always register teams – and you should do so because the cards gain experience points and increase in value.

The following factors are decisive:

  • Players who are popular and have many followers sell more easily.
  • Players who are in a crisis or injured can be bought cheaply.
  • You should usually keep your hands off auctions, as the bids often exceed the actual value.
  • Some managers are not interested in holding cards and sell them cheaply.
  • Put players on the sales list shortly before their match. Some watch the games and make a move when a player scores or proves himself.

If you take these four factors together, you can easily earn your 10-20% on a player. Not all of them, of course, because there are things you can’t control. Sometimes you are just unlucky, e.g. because the injury turns out to be worse, the player is suddenly ousted from his regular position, he announces the end of his career, moves to a league that is not supported by Sorare, etc. What counts is that you earn money in the end. What matters is that you make profits on balance, not with each individual player.

One thing is really positive about Sorare. Because you can basically make an offer to any manager, and you can make it well below the price offered, as long as he hasn’t set a minimum price. This means that there is a seemingly infinite number of managers. You can try your luck everywhere and make an offer. Whether he accepts or not is out of your hands. Of course, you must not overdo it, otherwise you will be blocked quickly. So make fair and serious offers according to the criteria mentioned above.

And always pay attention to the history of a card. If a manager bought the card yesterday for 0.01 ETH, he won’t want to sell it to you today for 0.008 ETH. You can save yourself such an offer. But if you see that he bought it for 0.008 ETH and the card is actually worth 0.01 ETH, he can sell it for 0.009 ETH. That’s a nice profit for him within one day and you get a card for less than its value.

At Soraredata you also see the portfolio of each manager. Someone who has a squad value of 5 ETH and plays mostly Rare and Super Rare doesn’t care much about a Limited card worth 0,001 ETH. If you make him any offer, he may accept without thinking twice.


Nothing is given to you at Sorare. You have to find your own way and constantly optimise it. Only in this way will you be able to succeed sooner or later. If you liked this article, we look forward to your comment. Or maybe you would like to share your experiences with other TeamSorare readers.

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