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In fact, the only Premier League club currently represented is Liverpool FC. And of course many Sorare managers ask themselves what is going on with the rest.

Normally, Sorare can win over the majority of clubs in most leagues, as is the case in the Bundesliga, for example. The same applies to the other big leagues in Europe, especially Spain and France. However, the Premier League is still a major exception here, otherwise there would be considerably more clubs than Liverpool. You could also put it this way: in terms of marketing, the Premier League is once again a different animal than all the other European leagues. The negotiations are more difficult, the demands higher. Some clubs also have partnerships with large betting companies that compete – at least remotely – with Sorare.

In this respect, it is not incomprehensible that more Premier League clubs are still waiting in the wings. However, we are quite confident that more clubs will follow in the course of 2022 and the offer will be expanded accordingly.

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About the Premier League

The English Association Football League, contested by 20 clubs, operates a promotion and relegation system alongside the English Football League (EFL). The top tier of the EFL system is called the Premier League. The EFL also exists as the Premier League and the EFL Championship.

The Premier League is the most entertaining league in Europe because of its unpredictability and relentless pace. The top six clubs – Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur – are teams that can dominate the league and face the best opponents on their day. The Premier League was founded in 1992 when the FA, Premier League Football League and First Division clubs decided to step aside from the original English League, which was formed in 1888. It has the most viewers in the world.

The 2020 / 21 Premier League season has been turbulent due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Liverpool started the season as defending champions but capitulated at the top of the table on Christmas Day.

On the other hand, Manchester City slowly began the Premier League season 2020-21 but has picked up some form as the game progressed. There is a growing gap between the Premier League and the Football League.

The Premier League website uses cookies to make it work better and improve your user experience. In collaboration with Statsbomb, we have recorded advanced analytical data such as xG and xA for selected competitions.

Arsene Wenger is the longest-serving manager to have coached Arsenal in the Premier League since 1996 until his departure at the end of the 2017-18 season and holds the record for most games played in the league with 828 for the Gunners. He also broke the record of Alex Ferguson who played 810 games for Manchester United from the beginning of the Premier League until his retirement at the end of the 2012-13 season. Ferguson had been at Manchester United since November 1986 and his resignation meant that he spent the last five seasons of the old Football League, the Premier League and the first 21 seasons of the Champions League as manager.

As I say, the schedulers were kind to Manchester City, allowing them one half-decent performance after another, but the victories were never in question. Injuries did Liverpool good at the end of the season.

There is no reason why West Ham cannot push for a top-six finish at least this season. Spurs struggled to score for much of the season but they scored three and they scored plenty of goals to make this game beyond doubt. West Ham was well-organized, great at set-pieces, and terrible in the game.

Broja curled a dangerous header from a corner towards goal. It was a real head-to-head moment but it was also one of the best goalkeeping performances in recent memory. Maguire’s day underlined how important Raphael Varane has become for him, and the assist was even better from inside the box.

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Date of last update: 16. February, 2022

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