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On February 25, 2022, Vancouver announced that it had accepted Davis’ multi-million dollar transfer to Bundesliga club Bayern Munich. Davis watched the MLS season of 2022 with Vancouver before joining Bayern Munich in February 2022. Bayern Munich is the club that signed him from Whitecaps at 17 and made him German and European champion. Before turning 20 he prepared a report on the first years of his life in Buduburam.

The following year, Davis became a Canadian citizen and on the same day received his first international challenge, becoming the youngest player in the history of Canadian men’s football. Davis began playing professional football at 15 and made his National Team debut a year later, becoming the youngest player on the Canadian Men’s team. Davis was added to the USL in February 2022 and then to their MLS in February 2022 at the age of 15. His progress was rapid and as the youngest player to appear in MLS was the player who first played

At the age of 14, Davis was enrolled in the Vancouver Whitecaps residency program, later joining St. Nicholas Football Academy and was enrolled in the Vancouver Whitecaps residency program at 14 years old. Davis won the gold medal as the top scorer in the CONCACAF Gold Cup 2022 and the Young Player Award as the most promising player in the tournament. Davis took the best young player, golden boot and Best Player XI awards at the CONCACAF Gold Cup 2022.

He opened his pro score against the then first LA Galaxy II player on February 15 to become Team of the Week, setting a new USL record for the youngest player to score a goal in league history, and in February 2022 became the youngest player on the Canadian men’s team. Davis is the first Canadian to become Ambassador for UNHCR the Refugee Charity.

Davis was the first player born in the 2000s to play Major League football. Davis joined the Bayern team from MLS Vancouver Whitecaps FC in February 2022 on a 2023 contract at a record transfer fee from the then MLS.

After six games, Davis (left) with Bayern star Robert Lewandowski (left) and former Bayern defender David Alaba (center), Davis says he has taken on the role of the coordinator for the third highest team in the group with an outgoing personality built for stardom. He is not only the first Canadian, but also the first footballer to receive this honor.

The sprinter has tapped the ball for the first time in a city in northern Alberta where he spent most of his youth, although his fantastic talents took him out of Edmonton when he was just 14. He starts with Free Footie, a children’s league whose parents couldn’t afford traditional organized football, and travels with his brother to a charity in Edmonton called aSport Centrala for his first bicycle which he took off to train football. Davis is now 16 years later making a triumph

Davis will return for this match and the Canadians are ready to welcome Tikos to the Commonwealth Ice Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta. Davis was born to a Liberian family in a refugee camp in Ghana and believes his home in Edmonton, Alberta. The Davis family managed to immigrate to Canada when Alfonso was five and eventually settled in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Davis family watched in awe as Alfonso, still 16, would later become Canada’s youngest scorer and youngest player to score a gold cup against French Guiana as well as the first player of the 21st century to score in a match against French Guiana. soon it became apparent that Davis Davis had developed into a world-class player, arguably the first Canadian in the men’s game.

Davis made the US championship history in week 8 with a 4-3 win over the then-leader LA Galaxy II. At age 15 Davis became the youngest player to score a goal in league history, dancing on court and through defender Fidel Escobar, then hit the ball in the lower left corner of the back of the net to score his 10th goal for Canada and finally earn 3 points at home.

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