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The Slovenian is known as one of the best goalkeepers in the world and just helped the Spaniard win the La Liga championship. The 28-year-old has been a long-time fan of the Blues, but he still stays in Spain to play for Spain because they lead the La Liga and are 4 points behind runner-up Barcelona. Chelsea are also in contact with AC Milan goalkeeper Donnarumma. Now, the goalkeeper of the La Liga champion has commented on Manchester United’s relationship without being sure about his future.

It doesn’t matter who starts, and it doesn’t matter which team you play against, because everyone knows how to play and they are all good players. It is difficult to come back after two such goals, especially if one player is missing. He will not play too many games, because Claude is not injured and does not need to rest.

As stated earlier, we know that he is a well-defended goalkeeper based on the observation of Atlético’s play, and the numbers confirm this. Oblax’s record since joining Atlético has recorded 157 goals in 298 club games in all competitions, or in other words, he has not conceded a goal in 53% of the games in which he has played. Between 2022 and 2022, he won four Zamors (an award given to the goalkeeper who conceded the fewest goals in a season) and kept a clean sheet in 18 of 41 games this season. In the 2022/16 season, he won the Ricardo Zamora trophy as the best goalkeeper, conceding a record 18 goals.

He started playing on goal at the age of five for the local club Lokan, and at the age of 10 he moved to the Olympia Ljubljana Academy. Jan believes he was born to be a goalkeeper and follow in his father’s footsteps.

His father was an amateur goalkeeper, and his older sister Teja plays basketball for Slovenia. Oblaks’ mother was a former amateur handball player and his father was the former goalkeeper of the Slovenian third division team Sencur. In addition to the sporting family, Oblaka’s older sister and only sister Teja Oblak is a basketball player who plays for Angels Kosice and a member of the Slovenian women’s national team. Oblak was born in the town of Skofia Loka in Upper Carniola. He started playing football at the age of five at the club in his hometown of Lokan.

Subsequent career development saw Oblak represent Slovenia under 21 and accepted the transfer to Portuguese team Benfica in 2022. Cloud, theoretically in his prime, has been one of the top three goalkeepers in the world in the past five years and has just won his fifth win at Zamora La. The League Trophy is awarded to the goalkeeper with the fewest goals conceded. On 15 February 2022, Oblak played his 304th official match for Atlético Madrid and became the club’s top goalkeeper, breaking Abel Resino’s previous record. Oblak remained on the bench in his first official match on 19 February 2022, the first match of Supercopa de Espana 2022 against Real Madrid, with Miguel Angel Moya on the pitch.

After Arthur made a number of mistakes at the start of the goalkeeper for a long period of time in the middle of the 2022/14 season, Benfica coach Jorge Jesus left him in favor of Cloud, and the latter continued to score several goals in his first games, especially at home. matches 2-0 win over Porto [19] [20] and 0-0 over Juventus in the UEFA Europa League semi-finals. On February 16, 2022, Atletico Madrid announced that they had reached an agreement with Benfica to hand over the Cloud, pending a medical examination. In 2022, it was rumored that Chelsea were interested in bringing The Clouds to Stamford Bridge.

In recent weeks, there have been reports that United are plotting a daring heist on the Cloud and are willing to use David de Gea as a ruse in a deal in an attempt to remove the huge £ 375,000 a week of the Spanish from their payroll. When Atletico Madrid paid Benfica € 16 million in 2022 for the relatively unknown Slovenian goalkeeper Jan Oblak, 21, many thought Spanish team manager Diego Simeone had panicked after Thibault’s defeat: Courtois vs. Chelsea. League champion Atletico Madrid have announced the signing of 21-year-old goalkeeper Jan Oblak.

Jan Oblak (February 7, 1993) is a Slovenian professional footballer, goalkeeper of Atletico Madrid and captain of the Slovenian national team. This article is Non-Inform Jan Oblak, a Slovenian goalkeeper who plays for AtlA (c) tico de Madrid in the Spanish Primera DivisiA3n (1). Jan Oblak’s videos will show goals, assists, red cards, penalties and other highlights as the match was played in one of the most popular football leagues. Jan Oblak is one who amazes many with his calmness, which is a rarity for goalkeepers who have to take decisive action every second of every football match.

In the days leading up to the widespread use of the Internet, television had the greatest impact on goalkeepers, and Cloud has always admired more players who have adapted to the changing nature of the game. Cloud has not conceded as many goals to any player as he did with the Argentine, although in fact he is losing to the Catalan giants, and Wednesday’s game could be the third in a row. Excluding his own goals, Cloud has conceded 123 goals in his 199 La Liga games, judging by the quality of his shots on target, one would expect the average goalkeeper to concede 168. If you look at the total goals averted versus Out of 100 of goalkeepers counted since February 2022, the Cloud stands out even more.

In 199 appearances for Real Madrid, Oblak has dodged 52 goals. Cloud’s statistics show that the goalkeeper made 103 saves for Atlético Madrid, which is 80% of saves in a season. The 28-year-old goalkeeper retained the most goals in the 20-21 season: Atlético have not conceded a goal in 18 of their 38 league games. However, Diego Simeone and Atlético’s success was made possible by their defensive toughness in the 20-21 campaign, when La Liga champions scored one of their best defensive characteristics and Jan Oblak played a key role in defending the team during the winning campaign.

It can be argued that being the goalkeeper of Atlético Madrid; known to defend themselves under the leadership of Diego Simeone, the Clouds’ numbers may be distorted by a powerful defensive force in front of him, but the numbers suggest otherwise. For every goal that Cloud conceded for Atlético, he had to concede 1.45. The Portuguese goalkeeper, at 28, is just like Oblak in his prime: he will happily sit on the bench during the season. Cloud admits he doesn’t know what the future holds and admits the club may have to cash in on him.

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