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Leon Goretzka Player Profile

Goretzka has played 41 career matches in all competitions with a 0.25 no-penalty score in 90 goals, which ranks him in the top three percent of the best. In the 2022/16 season Goretzka scored four goals in 32 appearances in all competitions and helped Schalke finish third in the Bundesliga after champions Bayern Munich.

He played his first game for Germany U-16 National team against Northern Ireland in 2022 and as progressive as he was he continued to represent the German U-17 team and scored 5 goals in 17 games that season.

In the same year, he also scored 11 goals in 15 games for Bochum Youth team – his best streak in a single season to date and one as a defensive midfielder – although he has been a regular player since he joined the 2022 FIFA Confederations Cup winning team – Germany – with three joint goals of victory in the tournament – for the first time. He worked at WSV for two years.

Goretzka joined Bayern Munich as a free transfer in the summer of 2022 after seeing his contract with Schalke, had an impressive 2022-13 season in Bochum and was their standout player as Bochum narrowly escaped relegation from 2 and thus advance to the UEFA Champions League for the first time since 2022-15 season, scored one goal for Norway and two for Azerbaijan, as the Germans were occupying the lead in the tournament.

He also recently demonstrated his ability to score when needed when he scored the decisive draw that saved Germany at the Euro. He has already scored more goals in three seasons at Bayern than in all his time at Schalke, and has done the same with his assists. He won three Bundesliga titles in Munich and the 2022 Champions League, scoring 25 goals for the club. The German footballer recently pledged his long-term future to the German champions after taking an interest in Manchester United this summer, scoring 11 goals in 42 club and international appearances.

The 26-year-old has distinguished himself for Bayern Munich in Germany and helped his team win three Bundesliga titles despite joining at 23. The 26-year-old came to the VFL Bochum academy and played for them and Schalke before joining Bayern Munich in 2022. The midfield since the departure of Javi Martinez this summer seems to be just as important this season.

Leon Goretzka is now 26 years old and still has many good years as a footballer. Leon Goretzka ( 6 February 1995 ) is a German footballer, midfielder for Bayern Munich and the German national team.

In addition, a lucrative offer from Manchester United for a free transfer at the end of next season is set to be issued to the German midfielder by Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Nagelsmann is confident that Goretzka is ready to stay in Bayern but most likely he will not be hurt by the club’s good financial package, with Bayern currently at a disadvantage in terms of permanent players with contracts expiring in 2022.

And even though Real Madrid are still targeting a number of other players due to their upcoming transfer windows, as each of these players continues to communicate with their current clubs, Real’s goals become more difficult to unravel. Real Madrid also informed Goretskas and his inner circle of their interest in signing it next year.

If Sule stays, the first half of the season will be critical to persuading the board to propose a contract extension. However, he did not accept the offer and even told his agent next year to study the market, according to the same Bild report. In the summer the German champions will definitely have new contracts, so the competition will come for Leon.

In training ahead of the Champions League away match against Lazio tomorrow night, Leon Goretzka’s videos will show goals, assists, red cards, penalties and other highlights as the game was played in one of the most popular football leagues.

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