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With this injury, he was eliminated from the Spanish side in the recent UEFA Nations League and remained in doubt until the last minute in the Champions League match against Liverpool. He stepped off the bench that night to score two goals in extra time at Anfield, knocking the Liverpool winners out of the Champions League. Since then, the 26-year-old has become one of the most dangerous midfielders in Europe. Last season in La Liga, Llorente was instrumental in helping Atlético win their first title in seven years.

Overall, Marcos Llorente has played well for Atlético Madrid this season as Simeone has found the role that suits him best. Simeone also ranked him as a hitter for his offensive nature and as a right-back for his fitness and ability to move forward. Since he is a midfielder, it is clear that defensive work is needed and that is not a problem for him. It is very rare for an opposing midfielder to follow Llorente when he makes this move, so this means that the center-back must come in to tag Llorente.

While the center-backs and center play the ball, Llorente is positioned between the midfield and the opponents’ line, as shown below. Of course, Llorente helps raise interest rates 84.3% and 77.8%, but he is also a player who goes from simple possession to opportunity. Llorente and Carrasco have teamed up to become one of the La Liga midfielders most involved in sequences that end in a goal out of 90. Llorente is arguably one of the best attacking players on the courts at the moment.

I say this because throughout the season he always had some good runs back which were dangerous. He joined the club as a defensive midfielder but changed himself as an assassin in the last third. One of the best players in the league, he has been a revelation since moving to second striker and scoring twice when Liverpool lost at Anfield in the Champions League last season.

He currently plays as an attacking midfielder, midfielder (center) in the Atletico Madrid Primera Division. Developed by Real Madrid, it has played 39 competitive matches over three seasons, also providing loan to Alaves. At Atlético Madrid, under the leadership of Diego Simeone, he was also deployed from his usual position, first to the right of the midfield in a 4-4-2 formation and then as a support striker in the same system.

Honestly, no one is safe from running away from Llorente, as in this game he is able to overtake almost any midfielder and striker. Llorente, who has become a stellar midfielder over the past couple of years, is not sure if he will succeed. As I said earlier, Haaland and Lukaku really have no chance against Llorente as he can easily incapacitate physical players and win back the ball.

Rather, he has become one of those key players in midfield who suddenly seems more significant and effective than in years past. Llorente is not involved in the build-up, allowing Koke or Saul to take charge of the ball game.

On 7 February, Llorente won a contested pass from the rear right in front of the midfield. He stepped into the open space on the right flank and found Suarez right in the penalty area, allowing the ball to roll down his right foot for the patient. A final shot in the 14th minute put Atlético ahead 1-0. So far, this has been the reigning champions’ fifth season of the season, leaving them five points behind leader Real Sociedad, albeit one game behind …

Having bought it from Real Madrid, Llorente refused the previous club the opportunity to win the title. This will be Llorentes’ first title in La Liga as it was loaned to Alaves when Real Madrid won the championship in the 2022-17 season. This shows that Diego Simeone has managed to find and use the best characteristics of Llorentes. João Felix was directly involved in four of Atlético’s previous five goals for Wanda Metropolitano in the Champions League, scoring three times himself and securing Antoine Griezmann’s pass against Liverpool in February.

Real Madrid have not conceded in two away games in the Champions League this season (1-0 against Inter Milan and 5-0 against Shakhtar Donetsk). Away games. .. Ancelotti is the helm of the club. After a famous victory in Spain this season, Sharif became the fourth team to compete with Madrid in the European war after Liverpool (1981, 2009), Galatasaray (2000, 2001) and Benfica (1962). The team that won the first encounter. In 1965. ). The Reds will almost certainly be happy with Madrid’s draw because it is a big step towards qualifying. This advantage allowed Atletico Madrid to win their first game in seven years.

Add that to the attack for an entire season and they are one game away from their first La Liga title since 2022/14. They’re not as straightforward as past seasons and it seems like Llorente is part of that style change too. In addition to playing Liverpool, Llorente has so far played in the starting lineup for all of the teams’ games this season.

On February 10, 2022, Llorente was loaned to La Coruña Alaves for a season. Llorentes’ career-and Atletico’s trajectory-changed almost overnight on February 11, 2022. Suddenly, he disappeared from the game without threatening the controllers of other players…until his perfect reincarnation appeared in the form of Llorente.

This player is truly the best gold midfielder I have ever used and I intend to keep on my team by any means possible. If you need someone who can play CDM with someone or alone, Llorente can do it. Having played a lot with this map, I have not yet used a full-fledged midfielder like Llorente.

The absence of Llorente-and the central defender’s problems-will almost certainly force Atletico Madrid to maintain a cautious playing style. Marcos Llorente’s video will show goals, assists, red cards, penalties and other important events, as the game is played in one of the most popular football leagues. Marcos Llorente Moreno (Marcos Llorente Moreno, February 30, 1995 -) is a Spanish professional football player who played for Atletico Madrid and the Spanish national team.

Since 2022, Real Madrid’s midfielder or defensive midfielder has played for Spain’s under-19 and under-21 national teams. According to the Spanish Football Association, Llorente, a member of Atletico Madrid and the Spanish national team, tested positive for the coronavirus last Wednesday.

Marcos Llorente received a 6.1 score from FC and Atlético Madrid lost the match 2-1. Los Rojiblancos ‘return to the basics and low block system last week in the Champions League was Simeones’ reaction to the recent loss form in La Liga, which they continue to lead after a lightning start.

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