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For years he has been one of the highest paid Serie A talents. And while ties with some of Europe’s biggest clubs have been around for a long time, there hasn’t been a change so far. The story also makes you wonder how many clubs with the best players end up being overlooked by situations like this. Calciomercato claims that Milinkovic-Savic combines excellent physical condition with enviable technical quality and is one of the best midfielders in Serie A for several seasons.

Milinkovic-Savage spent another impressive season in Lazio. He played in 32 Serie A games, scoring 8 goals and assisting 10 times. Sergei Milinkovic-Savage is one of the highest-ranked midfielders in the world and has been in contact with some of the best clubs in the world in recent years. Since joining Lazio from Genk in 2022, the Serbian midfielder has established itself as one of the best midfielders in Europe. He is 26 years old and plays for Lazio in Italy as a midfielder.

His style of play was comparable to that of Zinedine Zidane and Yaya Touré, as he combines the traditional attacking moves, positional flair and finishing abilities of an attacking midfielder with the height and physicality of a target or midfielder. as such, he is also effective in the air and is capable of scoring goals with his head and both feet, making late attempts from behind in the penalty area or shooting from a distance. He was one of the midfielders released from the youth teams who won two consecutive national youth championships, along with Mijat Gacinovic and Nebojsa Kosovic. Despite being signed with Lazio, Milinkovic – as he is more commonly referred to in Italy – came very close to joining their Serie A rival, Fiorentina.

When images of Mourinho wearing a gray baseball cap began to appear on Twitter, some eagerly noted that he was almost certainly here to watch Sergei Milinkovic-Savic, the highly regarded Serbian midfielder, who has turned his head in some European countries. the most prestigious clubs since he joined Lazio in 2022. This does not mean that he will remain in the Italian capital for the next five years, as Lotito said he is open to applications. So this is a conversation that will take place in two years, when Lazio will really have to be sold.

Lazio will play their next match on 20.11.2022 against Juventus in Serie A. Lazio announced this on Wednesday on their official website. However, Lazio wants a significant transfer amount for one of the club’s vital assets.

The midfielder then made 263 appearances for Lazio [Transfermarkt] and was associated with Liverpool [Daily Express], Real Madrid and Juventus [Calcio Mercato Web]. SMS Siemag is one of the best midfielders in the world. He added a new dimension to his offensive play in the 2022-2022 season, scoring 5 goals and 7 assists in 21 games; this is not only Only the goal contribution of every two games. Before the Muslims left, Serbian football officials criticized him for refusing to bring players like Milinkovic Savage to top teams, despite his central role in the success of the 2022 U-20 World Cup.

He was born in Spain, where his father Nikola Milinkovic played professional football (by the way, his mother Mirana Savage was a professional basketball player). His first club was Vojvodina in Novi Sad, northern Serbia. His father, Nikola Milinkovic, was engaged in professional football games from 1991 to 2005. Sergei’s father is a midfielder. He led the team to the 2002 GAK Cup and won the GAK double in 2004.

When his father moved to the Portuguese soccer team Chaves, Sergei and his brother followed him. At first he watched his father and mother play football and basketball and all he wanted was to be like one of them. By that time, Sergei had grown and matured as an extraordinary player. However, the European media knows Sergei as a full-fledged midfielder who can do almost anything in the center of the park.

Vanya is a fellow footballer and former Manchester United player who, at the time of this writing, was playing as the goalkeeper for the Italian Serie A club SPAL. Vanya Milinkovich-Savich’s height is 2.03 meters, or 6 feet 8 inches, and our Sergey is 1.92 meters, or 6 feet 4 inches (his height is similar to that of his father). Sergei Milinkovic-Savic is a versatile central midfielder and can play different roles, even as an attacking midfielder or as a starter, although he is usually used as a central midfielder, as a midfielder.

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