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In his debut, Havertz became the youngest rookie club in the Bundesliga, scoring the first goal the following year and becoming the youngest scorer in the Bundesliga. He is also the youngest player to have played 50 and 100 times in the top German league.

Haverts’ performance has aroused the interest of several European clubs: in 2022, Chelsea signed him a contract worth 84 million euros (72 million pounds), making him Chelsea’s third most valuable contract. On February 11, 2022, Havertz won the European Super Cup with Chelsea, beating Villarreal in the final with a penalty kick, although he did not receive a penalty kick.

Havertz scored an excellent shot in the eighth minute. Shortly thereafter, Havertz became a supplier with the goal of Christian Pulisics. The Chelsea star showed incredible technical prowess when he threw Patrick van Anholt into the box.

In the blink of an eye, he went from being an interesting young player to one of the best players in Europe. Havertz joined Leverkusen in the summer of 2022 and continued to climb the charts.

While Havertz was taking his first steps on the pitch, it was also a defining moment. The teen was leaving high school around the time he burst into Leverkusen’s first team, which led to a series of serious trials. Perhaps because four years ago Havertz was combining football with school work: he is known for losing the Champions League match against Leverkusen due to exams in 2022.

Despite this, Havertz also showed more inclination to run for Chelsea than for Leverkusen. He was tasked with overseeing his movement into deeper positions with another run in front of the ball, and during his first season in England he showed improvements in how he moves to take up one-on-one positions.

Leading an attack is no stranger to the German International; He started five times last season as a striker for Bayer Leverkusen, scoring six of 12 league goals and playing very well. He currently plays a striker, attacking midfielder (center) in the Premier League for Chelsea. ” Burnley “.

Since establishing himself as a starter under Tuchel, Havertz has led Chelsea four times in the league. Although he only scored once and provided an assist – both of which came from Chelsea’s 4-1 win at Crystal Palace earlier this month – our ratings show that three of his top six league performances come from the fact that he played as a striker at Tuchel. Chelsea, however, want to see a return on their high-value investment, and it looks like Tuchel has found the ideal role for Havertz.

Havertz plays either as the right side of two dozen in Tuchel 3-4-2-1 or as a striker, although when named by their most advanced player there is a fast teammate – Christian Pulisic or Timo Werner, whom he loves to run after one of roles number 10. As a rule, Havertz’s task is to move towards the game, and number 10 with an offensive mentality is to get into space beyond the enemy’s defenses. Havertz is an attacking midfielder who plays best from a center or right wing position in the front three, but does well when he has the opportunity to drift around the last third.

A predominantly attacking midfielder known for his precise and assertive passing, combined with his ability to keep the ball in tight spaces and return the ball to the front lines, Havertz can also play long or in a central attacking position. Havertz regularly plays for Chelsea but rarely looks like a forward. As smooth as the attack is, Chelsea are creating more chances with Havertz than with Lukaku. The most common argument for this is that Chelsea are playing smoother with Havertz at the top.

Tuchel may see Havertz in the same vein as Roberto Firmino, but it works in Liverpool because Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane are fantastic hitters who can handle it.

But after Lukakus was injured, the Belgian struggled for a few minutes, and Havertz continued to play this role. Since then, this sentiment will only intensify, and Havertz’s current skills seem to fit perfectly with Germany’s offensive options. However, with the arrival of Thomas Tuchel, Haverts blossomed, which shows that the player’s skills and strength are deeply rooted in training. After the Bundesliga season, Havertz is expected to shine in the Premier League, but the lack of tactical cohesion under Lampard’s leadership made the German player seem a bit disappointed and out of place.

Scouts watched Havertz play for several years, but playing against Leverkusen made the talent scout take another look at him. Kai Havertz played his Bayer Leverkusen U17 in the German final ahead of Borussia Dortmund. Along the way, in February 2022, Havertz fired Levecursen over Freiburg and became the first player in league history to score 35 goals before he turned 21.

A month later, the German player turned 21 years old, and he became the real leader of Leverkusen, already put on the captain’s armband and took on additional responsibilities as a free kick. At the age of 21, an initial stake of PS 62 million posed a certain risk, and an indifferent start in London quickly cast doubt on Chelsea’s investment in it. Kai Havertz received a 5.6 score for his performance and Chelsea lost the match 2-0.

It was his first goal in the UEFA Champions League as Chelsea beat English teammate Manchester City to win the tournament for the second time in club history. Havertz’s 42nd-minute goal – his first goal for a club in the Champions League – brought Chelsea their second European crown nine years after beating Bayern Munich. Chelsea will play their next match on 01/05/2022 against Tottenham in the EFL Cup.

Chelsea has announced that the owner and substitute will welcome Liverpool to Stamford Bridge in the Premier League this afternoon. With Thomas Muller’s return, Gnabry and Germany’s best player Joshua Kimmich’s goals, it seems strange that Germany’s fate in the 2022 European Cup can be determined by Kay Havertz. Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner and Kai Havertz arrived at 156 million PS in the summer, but failed to achieve the desired results, scoring only 8 league goals.

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